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Special Diet
If you're vegan/vegetarian or considering becoming one, you are probably always interested in fresh sources of inspiration. Here are some vegan entrées that we've found helpful, inspiring, and beautiful. Not all are strictly vegan, but all have a lot to offer. Even if you're not vegan, do check these out: they focus on vegetables and grains, nutrition and in a wonderful way that often isn't found in more mainstream foods. We offer the most complete and balanced vegan and vegeterian menu in the Tri-Valley Area.

If you have ciliac disease or are sensitive to gluten, there are a variety of foods you can eat. Even though following a gluten-free diet means giving up many grains, pastas, cereals and processed foods. Casbah café's gluten-free menu items contain ingredients that are naturally free of gluten, such as meat, fish, rice, and vegetables, as well as tasty legumes and grains like quinoa and other alternatives to wheat. Over 80% of the items on our menu are gluten-free.